Our Values

Humility: Making a real social impact is only possible if one keeps complacence at bay. Team We4You works with all complete humility, focussing on the activity rather than basking in the limelight.

Empathy: Working with underprivileged sections of society calls for the ability to share and understand their feelings. Only then can we work towards their uplifting.

Passion: Passion is the fuel that has driven us all the way, from a group of like-minded students to a holistic youth NGO. Passion runs through our veins, steering ahead our organization to achieve further impetus.

Simplicity: Simplicity goes hand in hand with efficiency. The simpler our processes, the more effective they are bringing a positive change in the lives of the needy.

Integrity: For any welfare organization to succeed, possessing strong moral principles is an absolute must. Honesty and Transparency go hand in hand with success.

Compassion: Compassion is in fact the seed, which has germinated into the beautiful plant called We4You. As a matter of fact, humanity cannot thrive a single day without compassion.

Innovation: Once we get out of our comfort zone and think out of the box, magic happens. Projects helmed on the basis of innovation work best at achieving results.

Inclusion: Welfare programmes cannot be confined to organizations alone. Inclusiveness of family, society, government departments, volunteers, corporate and so on, is a must for all of We4You’s endeavours.